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Dear Sunny Faces Parents,


In keeping with our operational procedures, Sunny Faces will begin our 2023-2024 registration for both the summer months as well as the fall.  


Please click below for an outline of our 2023-2024 Registration Procedures. We have kept the procedures as consistent as possible with prior years.


All required forms can be found online at  Once on the home page choose PARENT RESOURCES AND FORMS. There are 12 downloads that need to be completed for NEW families and 11 downloads that need to be completed for existing families. Once forms are completed, please scan them and send them via email to Jamila at For those who are interested, there is an APP for iPhones called SCANNABLE or Microsoft Lens. These Apps are free and very easy to use.

Registration Forms


Parent Handbook – Please read as you will be signing off to say that you have read and understand Sunny Faces policies and procedures.


Let’s Get Acquainted – One form per child, new families only.


Registration Form – One form per child, all sections must be complete including postal codes, please indicate your summer attendance on this form, forms will be time stamped in accordance to the date and time noted on the sent email, signature required.

Direct Payment Form – One form per family.

Emergency Form – One form per child, all sections must be complete including postal codes, email addresses required.

Outings & Field Trips, Medical & Photos – One form per child, 3 signatures required on this page.

Parent & Child Code of Conduct – One form per child, must be reviewed with child/ren, child signature required if age appropriate, parent signature required.


Child Custody Form – One form per family, sole custody and or shared custody families must complete this form and submit court documents that outline custody details.  Where possible, both parents to sign.  

Application of Creams and Lotions FormOne form per child.

Toronto Public Health Immunization – One form per child, every form must have the top half completed (including postal codes), parents can provide a copy of each child’s Record of Immunization OR parents can fill in the bottom half of page with the details found on a child’s Record of Immunization.

Dietary Restriction and Medical Health Plan – One form per child.  If your child has no restrictions, please fill out the first box with child’s name and program and then note NOT APPLICABLE in the boxes below, parent signature required.

Exchange of Information – One form per child, must note the child’s school in space provided, parent signature required.

Policies & Procedures Checklist – One form per child, confirmation that you have read the Parent Handbook, signature required.


Families without custody matters complete the form with both parent signatures which authorizes both parents to pick up.


If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact Jamila at 416 744 0778 or via email at  


Be well. Stay strong. Stay safe!





Lee-Ann Hand

Executive Director

Sunny Faces Day Care

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